How To

View Assets

You can view the information about an asset in several ways. For example, you can view textual lists or thumbnails in catalogs. In an asset's Document Info view, you can review or change metadata and open previews of the asset.

Upload/Import Assets with the Digital Library Uploader

Adding assets to Digital Library is typically a three-step process that includes importing asset information into the database, providing metadata for each asset, and importing the physical files to the server. Import in Digital Library performs many functions. In addition to importing assets directly into the database into the appropriate file server, you can also attach renditions and use more stringent checkin functionality.

Setup an Advanced Search

Use the Advanced Search panel to use more complex logic to zero in on particular assets, and to save your searches to use them again.
For example, you can use an advanced search to locate only those assets that were created on a specific date, of a particular file type, and originating from a certain country.

Send and compose internal messages with assets attached

Digital Library has its own messaging system that you can use to send messages to other Digital Library users, along with asset records and catalogs. Messaging is essential to the approval cycle that Digital Library supports. Based on user and group privileges, the approval process requires that designated approvers authorize actions before they can be completed by users who need approval for importing, copying, or deleting assets.

Messages are displayed in the Messages panel in Digital Library. A spinning New icon is displayed at the top of this panel, and the panel title Messages is bold text when there are unread messages. The number of new, unread messages is shown beside the Messages title. You can view both messages sent to you and messages you have sent to others.

Self Registration

The Digital Library administrator creates and controls user accounts and privileges. All users should self-register unless otherwise advised. If a password was not emailed to you (after you self registered) please contact your administrator via the Help Center Contact page.