How To

Refine (filter) your search

You can filter (limit) your search results to see only those items associated with particular fields or values. After you perform a keyword search, you can filter or narrow down your search.

Perform a Keyword/Simple Search

Use the simple search field at the top of the Digital Library interface to search for a word or phrase occurring in asset metadata, annotations, or other file information. You also have the option to include document content in your search. Because the Solr platform runs separately from the Digital Library database, your search will be fast, robust, and have minimal impact on other Digital Library users.

Peform a Find All Visible Assets Search

Searching using this icon is a good place to get started: you will see the total number of assets you have access to (displayed at the top of the content area), and get a sense of what they are.

Order Physical Copies of Assets

Users within the “General” and “Cruising Power” user groups will browse the system looking for assets to consume. Some of these assets have to be ordered as opposed to being directly downloaded. Assets that have to be ordered will have an “Asset Description” of “Taggable Coop” and a “Media Type” of “Video”.

To help visually identify which assets need to be ordered, the system will place a colored halo around them. Any asset with an “Asset Description” of “Taggable Coop” and “Media Type” of “Video” will be given a halo. Note that this colored halo will be overridden by the “soon to expire” and “expired” halo conditions. If the orderable asset is about to expire, the halo shown will be the soon to expire color, not the “orderable” color. Similarly, if the orderable asset has expired, the halo shown will be the expired color.

Navigate the Digital Library

After you log into Digital Library, the Main screen is displayed. This screen contains elements for navigating to different functional areas of the interface and carrying out asset interaction operations.

Manage the "User" tab

The “User” tab determines settings, such as: which information is displayed in the views, your download settings, your default language, and how assets are sorted. You can select the metadata fields that appear in the thumbnail, paragraph, and list views, and also which of these views will be the default.

Manage the "Metadata Display" tab

These preferences determine which rendition of an asset is displayed by default in the Preview view, and which information is displayed in the various asset list views.

For Thumbnail View, you can choose up to five database fields to appear beneath each thumbnail, in addition to the file name which always appears in the first line. For Text and Paragraph Views, you can specify up to eight fields to appear in the columns of each view. The fields are displayed in the order you set them here.

Manage the "Download" tab

The “Download" settings tab allows you to configure some initial download settings for Digital Library, saving you from having to set the parameters for each download separately.

NOTE: If you only see a subset of these settings, you need to install the Download plugin. In this case you will see a link, Improve your download experience. Click this link to install this plugin and improve your download experience.