How To

Change your password

Passwords are limited to 32 characters. They can contain letters, numbers, and special characters, but must not begin or end with a space.

Access your "Preferences"

The Preferences option allows you to manage the following tabs: User, General, Download, Metadata Display.

Access the "Processes" Panel

When operations such as import, checkout and synchronize files are started in the Digital Library, they are added to Processes, so you can monitor their progress. When an operation transitions from the in progress state to the completed state, regardless of whether the process encountered errors or has further actions to perform, the Processes header in the accordion control is highlighted, indicating that some process has completed.

Access sidebars

Sidebars, which can be on the left, right or both sides of the Content Area, allow you to access the various types of navigation available to help you manage, organize and search assets. Panels optimize the display area and keeps everything at your fingertips.

By default, the sidebars have panels for Catalogs, Form Search, Tree Search, Advanced Search, Content Search, Refine Search, Messaging, Processes and the Download Cart.