Manage the "Download" tab

The “Download" settings tab allows you to configure some initial download settings for Digital Library, saving you from having to set the parameters for each download separately.

NOTE: If you only see a subset of these settings, you need to install the Download plugin. In this case you will see a link, Improve your download experience. Click this link to install this plugin and improve your download experience.

Access your "Preferences"

The Preferences option allows you to manage the following tabs: User, General, Download, Metadata Display.

Manage the "Metadata Display" tab

These preferences determine which rendition of an asset is displayed by default in the Preview view, and which information is displayed in the various asset list views.

For Thumbnail View, you can choose up to five database fields to appear beneath each thumbnail, in addition to the file name which always appears in the first line. For Text and Paragraph Views, you can specify up to eight fields to appear in the columns of each view. The fields are displayed in the order you set them here.

Manage the "User" tab

The “User” tab determines settings, such as: which information is displayed in the views, your download settings, your default language, and how assets are sorted. You can select the metadata fields that appear in the thumbnail, paragraph, and list views, and also which of these views will be the default.
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