What are some examples of searches available in the Digital Library?

Example 1 – Use a single keyword to search
Suppose you want to find images of birds. You can do the following:

Step 1. Enter the generic term “OA restaurants” in the Simple Search field.

Step 2. Click Go.


Search Field

The Search Results displays all assets that have the “OA restaurants” search term associated with them. In this case (because of the metadata attached to the assets), the results include 7519 items that do not include documents (“Include Document Content” was not checked).


If the “Include Document Content” is checked the search results jump to 7882 items.


Example 2 – Use several keywords to search
Suppose you want to find images for particular birds, for example swans and flamingos.

Step 1. Type “QN” and “entertainment”, then click the Go button.

Two Keyword Search

Like most other major search engines, Solr search uses OR, not AND, Boolean logic when searching. This means that assets containing either “QN” or “entertainment” are shown.

Example 3 – Use part of a keyword to search

You can use part of a search term as the root to locate associated images.
For example, if you type “travel”, you will also find images associated with “traveling,” “traveler,” “travel agent,” and so on.

Step 1. Type the first three or four letters of a search term to save typing: for example, “rest” rather than “restaurant”. However, you will also see any other assets that contain “rest”, including (for example) “rest”.


Partial Word Search