What is the purpose of the Checkin and Checkout Feature?

The checkout and checkin functionality prevents the same file from being altered by more than one person at a time. When you checkout a file that is stored on the Digital Library File Broker, no one else can check that file out until you have checked it back in. This prevents multiple users from changing the same file at the same time, and modifications are not lost because they were overwritten by another user.

The checkout and checkin functionality not only controls access to files, it allows Digital Library to maintain a history of files as they are changed. When a file is checked out, modified, and then checked back in, a new version of the file is created. The History view of the file displays information about checkins, checkouts, imports, downloads, users, etc. You can also view all of the versions of a file.

Once an asset is checked out, a lock is displayed beside the asset in the content area so users can easily determine which assets are available for check out and which are not.

You can checkout a file from its detail page, or by dragging an asset to the download cart and selecting Checkout instead of Download.