What search options are available in the Digital Library?

There are several search types available in the Digital Library. You can use the Solr search method to perform the following types of searches:

Find All Visible Assets: The Find All Visible Assets icon in the taskbar shows all assets in the Content Area that you have the authority to see.   You want to make sure you are viewing all assets.

Keyword/Simple Search: Searches for all content (typically, keywords).    You want to search quickly using one or more keywords found in the metadata or asset content.

Advanced Search: Allows you to use Boolean logic for one or more search terms, and to save your searches to use again later.    You want to use more complex logic to zero in on particular assets, and save your searches to use again. You can search by Asset ID.

Refine Search: Use the Refined Search to filter or narrow down your search results. Check the box next to Photo under Media Type when you only need photos.