Access the "Processes" Panel

When operations such as import, checkout and synchronize files are started in the Digital Library, they are added to Processes, so you can monitor their progress. When an operation transitions from the in progress state to the completed state, regardless of whether the process encountered errors or has further actions to perform, the Processes header in the accordion control is highlighted, indicating that some process has completed.

Digital Library Processes Sidebar

Newer processes are always shown at the top of the list and a process remains in the list until you clear it or log out of the  Digital Library. Information about processes in this list are not preserved between log ins.
Processes in the list can be in one of two states: In Progress or Complete.

In Progress: Processes in this state display progress bars as well as Stop buttons you can use to cancel certain operations. Canceled operations are viewed as complete.

Complete: Processes in this state can display a number of buttons and icons, depending on how the process completed.

Digital Library Completed Process Indicators


NOTE: The number in parentheses beside the Processes title shows the current number of active and not yet completed processes. The progress bar shows the overall progress of the processes.



Clear Completed Processes
At the top of the list, the Clear button removes all completed processes from the list when clicked. If there are any processes that still have their status indicator showing (meaning that there are errors that have not yet been viewed, or additional actions that have not yet executed), a confirmation dialog is displayed for these processes.

If the Processes section of the panel control is rolled up or minimized, its header is used to show an overview of all of the executing processes so you can see at a glance what processes are executing, even without opening the panel.