Access sidebars

Sidebars, which can be on the left, right or both sides of the Content Area, allow you to access the various types of navigation available to help you manage, organize and search assets. Panels optimize the display area and keeps everything at your fingertips.

By default, the sidebars have panels for Catalogs, Form Search, Tree Search, Advanced Search, Content Search, Refine Search, Messaging, Processes and the Download Cart.

Sidebar Panel Title Bars


When you click anywhere on a panel control title bar, the panel that currently has the focus contracts and the panel you clicked expands to take the focus. Also, when you are dragging and dropping assets, if you drag an asset and hover it over a currently collapsed title bar, the panel opens to accept your drop action.
Panels can be repositioned either within the same sidebar, or to the opposing sidebar by clicking on the waffled end of a panel’s title bar and dragging and dropping it as desired.

Some common icons you will encounter in the sidebar panels are as follows:

Sidebar Panel Icons

New: sidebar3Typically creates a new instance or list item.

Delete: sidebar4Typically deletes existing items.

Refresh: sidebar5Refreshes panels to display the most up-to-date information.