Add Assets to a Catalog

To add assets to a catalog, follow these steps:

Step 1. Perform a search or import assets.


Step 2.  Select the assets you want to move to a catalog. NOTE: You can select more than one asset at a time by holding down the CTRL key (in Windows), the Apple key (on a Mac) or the SHIFT key on either system while you click assets with your mouse.

You can also check the “Select” icon to select all of the currently displayed assets.



Step 3. Select all the assets you want to add to a catalog, then drag and drop them to the target catalog in the Catalogs panel.

NOTE: If the Catalogs panel is not currently expanded, hover the mouse over the Catalogs panel title bar while dragging the assets and the panel will expand.

After dropping the dragged assets, the number beside the catalog changes to indicate how many assets now belong to that catalog, including all nested catalogs beneath it.


NOTE: When you drag the selected assets, the dragged image displays the number of assets you are actually dragging.

Step 4. Click the Add to Catalog icon, if you have selected an asset and are in the Details pane.

NOTE: In Side-By-Side view, assets can be reordered. Click and drag an asset to the desired location.


Step 5. Choose from the dropdown the following:
1.    Create a new catalog.
2.    Select an existing catalog.
3.    Click “Submit”.


The “My Catalog” now has 13 assets.