Add a Componenet Object View

The Component Object View (COV) is a special type of asset preview that displays multiple-page files imported using an associated I-Piece. These files can contain embedded files, for example an Adobe InDesign file may contain placed art as well as text.

A file must be imported into Digital Library with the I-Piece before it can be displayed in the component object view. The following I-Pieces can import multiple-page files with embedded components:

  • I-Piece for Adobe InDesign
  • I-Piece for Adobe Illustrator
  • Document I-Piece
  • Quark Express I-Piece
  • Aspose I-Piece

Microsoft Office, PDF, InDesign, Illustrator, or QuarkXPress files that were imported into Digital Library before the I- Piece was installed will not have a COV.

NOTE: When extracting text from a spreadsheet, formulas are not evaluated.