Change to Document Info View

The Document Info view, shown in the Details page, displays an asset's metadata, thumbnail image, and location information. You can also update the metadata information.

Step 1. Double-click an asset to see the Details page for an asset, in a Catalog, or Search Results pane.

NOTE: There is no icon for the Details View.

Details View

Rendition Information

The upper part of the Details page displays the thumbnail image and the rendition information in a collapsible panel. For example:


This pane contains the asset’s thumbnail image plus the following information:

  • File name and path.
  • Date and time the file was created.
  • Date and time of the most recent modification to the file.
  • File type.
  • File size in kilobytes.
  • The file’s dimension in pixels, image density, and bit depth (if applicable).
  • If the file has been checked out, a small lock icon appears near the top right-hand corner of the thumbnail image.  See figure below.


Checked out file

Metadata Information
The lower part of the Details page displays the metadata information in a collapsible panel.