Change to Side-by-Side View

NOTE: This feature is available with purchase of the Photo Portal license. It is also available as an option if you have assets in a catalog.

Step 1. Click the Side-by-Side View icon in the View toolbar at the top of the main pane to display the assets in a strip across the top of the content area, with two panels below where different images can be placed for side-by-side comparison.


Side-by-Side View

Image files are supported in Side-by-Side view, but not video files or document formats such as PDF, AI, DOC, or PPT.
The navigation bar is not supported
By default, only the first 500 assets can be viewed.
This view is not available from the Find All results.

Step 2. Click on either of the Rotate icons, which appear on the far right of the task pane.

Rotate Images
You can rotate images in 90 degree increments from this view, either clockwise or counter-clockwise The images are permanently rotated, and their new orientation will be visible in other views.

NOTE: If you have assets in a catalog this view is an option.