Convert Files

Step 1. Add an asset to your download cart.
NOTE: Specific asset and file types can be converted when they are downloaded. If an asset in your Download Cart can be converted (and if you have the appropriate permissions), you will see either or both of the following:
  • A conversion popup menu, where you can select a pre-defined named conversion for that asset.
  • A Convert icon, which indicates you can choose your own conversion.
Asset in download cart
Step 2. Click the dropdown arrow to view the Conversion Options.
NOTE: The conversion type may vary depending on what the asset will be used for (i.e: marketing brouchure, print, etc..).
Step 3. Select a conversion or destination type (for example, MPEG). Your options are displayed under Conversion Options.
NOTE: You can also select the shopping cart icon to add the asset to your download cart and select the conversion type.