Install Digital Library Uploader on Safari Browsers (Mac OS X)

Follow these steps if the Digital Library Uploader installation prompt appears:

Step 1. Click Install Now when the Digital Library Uploader installation prompt appears. You are prompted to download a ZIP file.


NOTE: If you receive an error, contact your Digital Library Administrator.

Step 2. Choose to open the file with the Archive Utility.


OS X Prompt to download a ZIP file

Step 3. Click the status icon (located in your Safari menu bar) to check the status of the download.


Download Status in Safari
Step 4. Follow the installer instructions when the PKG file is opened.


Digital Library Uploader OS X Installer

Step 5. Log out of Digital Library after the plugin is installed.


Step 6. Clear your browser cache, restart your browser, and log back into Digital Library.


NOTE: When you click the Digital Library Uploader icon the next time, you may see the following prompt, which tells you your browser is blocking the Digital Library Uploader because it’s not yet a trusted site. If you see this prompt, click Trust.

Digital Library Uploader: Trust plugins on Safari.