Manage the "Download" tab

The “Download" settings tab allows you to configure some initial download settings for Digital Library, saving you from having to set the parameters for each download separately.

NOTE: If you only see a subset of these settings, you need to install the Download plugin. In this case you will see a link, Improve your download experience. Click this link to install this plugin and improve your download experience.

Download Settings Tab


Show metadata for rendition: Select the rendition type for download and checkout.

Default download location: The location on the user’s machine where downloads will be stored. To change this default, click the Select button; you will be prompted to browse for the new location.
If the field is left blank, you will be prompted to specify a download location every time. (To make the field blank, click the Clear button.)

Replace Existing: Overwrites the existing file with the downloaded file.

ZIP File Name:    Select how you want to name downloaded ZIP files. (Default - no suffix): Will be downloaded as “” (and overwrite any existing files with that name)

Also include files from the following containers: Select the container fields you want to include when you download assets. Container fields are special fields that hold images, movies, PDF files, and so on.

Display confirmation page: Displays a confirmation dialog when you add files to the Download Cart. (If required, this dialog will appear regardless of whether or not this option is selected.)

Maintain directory structure: Maintains the directory structure when you download and convert assets.
Copy COV linked files: Add an asset's embedded Component Object View files to the Download Cart when you add an asset to the Cart.

NOTE: If you log into Digital Library from different computers, you will need to update this preference each time you log in from a different machine. For example, this path will be very different on Mac OS X machines and Windows machines. If you typically use Digital Library on several computers, leave this field blank so you will be prompted to specify a download location each time.

NOTE: If you want to download assets to the C:\ location on a Windows machine, you need to open the Windows Control Panel, go to User Accounts > User Accounts > Change User Account Control Settings, and change the settings to Never notify. Click OK, then restart the machine. (This setting may not be consistent with your organization’s security policy; downloading to the C:\ location is not recommended.)