Navigate the Digital Library

After you log into Digital Library, the Main screen is displayed. This screen contains elements for navigating to different functional areas of the interface and carrying out asset interaction operations.

Digital Library Home Page


The main display consists of the following elements:

Page Header:    The command menu contains the main user controls such as Home, Preferences, Find All, and so on. It also provides access to the import functions (including the Digital Library Uploader) and the Simple Search function. It also contains the User menu that gives access to User Preferences, logging off, and so on.

Sidebars:    Sidebars consist of accordion panels which can be added, removed, moved within the sidebar or dragged to the opposing sidebar. If all views are removed from a sidebar, the sidebar will close, but it is still available to drop future views into it. For more information on sidebars click here.

Content Area:    Displays search results, document information, previews, and messages.

User Menu: The User Menu provides access to commonly used functionality:

  • About Digital Library: Find out information about the current release number of Digital Library.
  • Preferences: Display the User Preferences panel. See Section 2.2, "Manage User Preferences," on page 18.
  • User Guide:  Access this manual, online.
  • Log Out: Log out of your current Digital Library session. (The date stamp of your last login is also displayed.)
  • Last Login: Records the last time you logged into the system.