Open Catalogs

You can open any global catalog to view its contents. However, if the catalog is password protected, you must enter a password before the catalog opens. Only you can open private catalogs that you created and, accordingly, you cannot see other users' private catalogs.
To open Catalogs follow these steps:

Step 1. From the Main Display, locate the Catalogs panel in your sidebar(s) and click it. Browse through the catalog hierarchy until you find the catalog you want to work with.



NOTE: If there are many catalogs listed, you can type the catalog name in the Search field at the top of the Catalogs panel to zero in on the catalog you want. (This Search field is not intended for searching for asset metadata. To search through assets within a catalog, make sure that catalog is selected, then navigate to the Advanced Search tab. You can specify your search there, and use the “Search within” check box to search within the catalog.)

Step 2. Click the catalog to open it.


NOTE: If there are many changes to the Catalogs entries, click the refresh icon to update the list.