Order Physical Copies of Assets

Users within the “General” and “Cruising Power” user groups will browse the system looking for assets to consume. Some of these assets have to be ordered as opposed to being directly downloaded. Assets that have to be ordered will have an “Asset Description” of “Taggable Coop” and a “Media Type” of “Video”.

To help visually identify which assets need to be ordered, the system will place a colored halo around them. Any asset with an “Asset Description” of “Taggable Coop” and “Media Type” of “Video” will be given a halo. Note that this colored halo will be overridden by the “soon to expire” and “expired” halo conditions. If the orderable asset is about to expire, the halo shown will be the soon to expire color, not the “orderable” color. Similarly, if the orderable asset has expired, the halo shown will be the expired color.

To place an order follow these steps:

Step 1. Place the assets you want in the download cart.

For example, in an asset’s Details pane, click the Add selected assets to your download cart icon.


From a catalog or listing view, right-click an asset and select Download from the right-click menu. Or, select multiple assets and click the Download cart icon.


Download Cart Panel


Step 2. Select Order from the menu.


Step 3. Click Go.


Step 4. Agree to the terms.


Step 5. Enter the required information in Telescope Order Form. For example, you may be asked for:

  • List Media Outlet:  
  • Purpose:  
  • Company:
  • Contact Name:


Step 6. Scroll down to read the agreement in the User Agreement box.


Step 7. Check the box to indicate you agree to the terms.


Step 8. Click Place Order. If you do not want this particular asset, click Cancel.


Step 9. Click OK on the Order confirmation dialog.