Peform a Find All Visible Assets Search

Searching using this icon is a good place to get started: you will see the total number of assets you have access to (displayed at the top of the content area), and get a sense of what they are.

Step 1:  Click the Find All Visible Assets icon in the Taskbar to see all assets, that you have the privilege to see, displayed in the Content Area.


NOTE: After selecting the magnifying glass you must select the Refine Search panel to narrow/filter your search. In the example shown in the figure below, there are 7252 visible assets. You could use the page scroll at the bottom of the panel to scroll through 806 pages of assets, or use the search techniques outlined in the next chapters to reduce the number of search results. The Refine Search panel is also a good way to filter your search (for more information see "Refine Your Search").


Find All Visible Assets