Refine (filter) your search

You can filter (limit) your search results to see only those items associated with particular fields or values. After you perform a keyword search, you can filter or narrow down your search.

The diagram below explains the features of the Refine Search panel.


To refine your search follow these steps:
Step 1: Scroll down to the Refine Search panel to see all the information.


For each field, the five items (facets) with the most search results are shown. The number beside each item shows the number of times the item occurs in the search results. (The total number of documents in the filtered search results is shown at the top of the Content area.)

If there are more than five items for a field, you will see a Show More link you can click to see them all. (Then click Show Less to hide them again.)

Step 2. Click the arrows beside each field to hide or show its entries.  


In the screenshot below Media Type facets are hidden.


Step 3. Click the check box beside any item to filter the search results to show only those assets associated with that item.


As you click more items to filter your search, the number of search results goes down, and filter cloud boxes appear at the top of the Contents panel to show all the filters you have set.

Filtering Examples