Respond to Messages

To read a message do the following:
Step 1. Click the message title in the Messages panel.
The message is displayed in the Content Area and the message in the list displays as not bold to show that it has been read. If it was the last new, unread message, the spinning New icon is removed and no number is displayed beside the Messages title.
The message displays the following information:
From: The user who sent the message.
Sent: The date and time the message was sent.
To: The message recipients. This field also displays the status of any message actions for each recipient.
Subject: Displayed at the top, this is the subject of the message.
Message: The message text.
Attachments: A thumbnail of any assets the sender has attached to the message.
You can perform the following tasks from an open message:
Message Response Actions
Back: Return to the content area displayed before you were reading the message.
Delete: Deletes the message. Once a message is deleted, it cannot
be retrieved.
Reply: Respond to the message sender.
Reply All: Respond to the message sender and everyone who received the message.
Forward: Send message you have received to another user.
Message Actions: If the Digital Library administrator has
configured custom message actions for your system, one or more buttons appear in this area.  
The area located at the bottom of the message display show attachments. You can perform the following tasks on selected attachments:
Attachment actions
Select None: De-selects all assets attached to the message.
View Attachments: Presents the attached assets as a catalog.