Setup an Advanced Search

Use the Advanced Search panel to use more complex logic to zero in on particular assets, and to save your searches to use them again.
For example, you can use an advanced search to locate only those assets that were created on a specific date, of a particular file type, and originating from a certain country.

To set up an advanced search follow these steps:

Step 1: Click the Advanced Search tab.


Step 2: Click the dropdown arrow to select a property. You will see a list of all available metadata fields.


Advanced Search: Select a Property

Initially, you will see one filter line in the Search Criteria. It is set to the property with the first alphabetical name. In the example below Asset ID is the first filter option.


Advanced Search: Initial View

After you select a property, the search criteria adjust to fit that property, allowing you to filter on the specific type of metadata associated with that property.

NOTE: Advance Search will be used most often to pull a specific asset using the Asset ID. To search for Asset ID:
1. Select Asset ID>Is>Asset Number
2. Click Save.  


Step 3: Specify the search criteria you need to narrow down your search.


Advanced Search: Specify Search Criteria.

Step 4: Click the Search button in the Advanced Search panel to update the search results.


Advanced Search: Click Search to Update Search Results

Step 5: Click the Add a new filter button at the bottom of the panel to add another search criteria.


Advanced Search: Add Additional Search Criteria

Step 6.Complete the options for the next search criteria.

  • For both search criteria to be met, click the And radio button. For only one or the other criteria to be met, click the Or radio button.
  • To reorder the search criteria, click the up or down arrow buttons  .
  • To remove a search criterion, click its x button.   (You cannot remove the first criteria.)


Step 7. Click the Search button at any time to update the search results with the criteria you specified. The Contents area shows the results of your search.

NOTE: To find out more about how to refine your search results using sorting and filtering, see Refine Your Search.    


Step 8. Click Clear All to remove all filters.